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The nipples of bottles are in different stages. It is indicated the size of the orifice is the rate at which the milk is flowing through the orifice. Usually, as the baby gets older, you should provide her with a bigger flow rate nipples to accommodate her increased ability to suckle and the need for more milk with each feeding. All bottle nipples come with general guidelines on when the baby is ready to enter each stage. HEORSHE® offers a wide range of bottle nipples in different shapes and sizes to match your baby’s unique preference. All of our soft silicone nipples/spouts are made with all of our soft silicone nipples/spouts are made with silicone material, BPA-free.

Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle Nipple

Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle Nipple

●Nipples are silicone material, BPA-free.

●The little dots and ultra-soft nipple closely resemble a real breast

●Shape of nipple mimics large size nipples

●Anti-colic valve

●One-piece moulded – highly hygienic

●Soft, durable, and resistant to teething/bites

●A 65mm ultra-wide neck

Dental-care Sippy Cup Spouts

Dental-care Sippy Cup Spouts

Designed for children above 6 months who are transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. Spouts with a “small wing” to help baby uniformly distribute the applied force while they are sucking. This novel approach helps to reduce the pressure on each tooth and the jaw, so that baby’s teeth can grow in a healthy way.

●Soft silicone spout eases the transition from bottle or breastfeeding to cup

●"Little Wing" design helps soothe your teething baby and reduce the risk of misalignment

●Silicone material,BPA-free.

●Fits Sippy Cup

●STAGE1 for 6M+; STAGE2 for 9M+

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