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Sometimes, we love to go out and play, but we are overwhelmed by the number of bottles and jars our babies have. HEORSHE baby bottle allows you to store and feed all within a single container, by easily converting from storage bottle into feeding bottle. The Ultra Transform Cap follow your baby's needs.Can be used as a snack-cup or to store baby food semi-solids, cookies, fruit, or juice. All babies of the same age have individual differences. The baby will bite the spout when the teeth growing. If any deformation occurs, please replace at the first signs of damage or weakness. HEORSHE provides Sippy Cup Replacement Weighted Straw + Cleaner for children, help parents solve intractable problems and let children eat happily. At the same time, HEORSHE also provides replaceable handle sets to meet different needs.

Ultra Transform Cap

Ultra Transform Cap

Ultra Transform Cap allow the feeding bottles to be converted to air-tight and secured storage container. One container, different caps, minimising wastage.

● Silicone + PP material, BPA-free

● Interchangeable to be attached to HEORSHE baby bottle, converting into a storage tank.

● Fits Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle

Dental Care Sippy Cup Accessory  (cap&collar&handle)

Dental Care Sippy Cup Accessory (cap&collar&handle)

When the handle needs to be replaced, it can be purchased separately.

● It is easy for babies to learn to grasp and feed on their own.

● The ergonomic design is suitable for small hands to grasp.

● Easy to assemble .

● PP material, BPA-free.

● Fits Dental-Care Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup Replacement Weighted Straw + Cleaner

Sippy Cup Replacement Weighted Straw + Cleaner

HE OR SHE provides baby sippy cup with a straw. The 360°weighted straw follows the liquid, allowing the baby to latch and feed in any comfortable position. The unique weighted straw allows for doctor recommended upright feeding, helping to reduce reflux.

●Use a HEORSHE nipple & spout brush to clean the straw.

●Silicone + PP material,BPA-free.

●Fits Dental-Care Sippy Cup

●STAGE1 for 6M+; STAGE2 for 9M+

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