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Baby Fork And Spoon Set

Stainless steel spoon & fork set that is toddler safe with rounded edges and tips. Soft silicone handle, perfect for the little eaters who love to chew baby utensils, perfect for self-feeding and toddler feeding. HEORSHE cutlery's ergonomic, shortened our regular fork and spoon set and turn the handle 90 degrees, easy for toddlers to grip. Purposely designed to fit your baby's tiny hands and developing grip. This is the perfect cutlery for HEORSHE’s Toddler Feeding Set.

Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomically Designed

Tiny dinosaur handle design attract toddler's interest to eating &make mealtime fun.

Hand grip spoon and fork sets are designed with small hands in mind, ergonomically with handles that are not too long or too narrow.

Safe To Use

Safe To Use

Rounded and smooth edge spoon, causing no chokes and hurts,

baby can use it by themselves safely.

And the spoon size is just considerably for the volume of each bite. 

Safe Material

Safe Material

Compared to SUS 304, SUS 316 stainless steel we are 

using is more resistant to high temperature and durable,

can resist acid, alkali and salt corrosion.

Product highlights

-Baby Fork/Baby Spoon

-Stimulating Bright Colors And Interesting 

 Animal Handle Design

-High Temperature Resistant

-Food Grade Silicone And SUS 316 Stainless Steel

-Non-Toxic & BFA Free

-Stainless Steel Fork And Spoon Heads Are 

 Sized And Shaped For Toddlers.

-Shortened The Regular Fork And Spoon Set And Turn The Handle 90 Degrees, Fit Your Baby's Tiny Hands And Developing Grip.

-Microwave Heat Resistant  200°C/392℉

 Frozen Cold Storage -8°C/17.6℉

-Easy To Carry

-Hand Wash And Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe.

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