HEORSHE - Silicone Baby Toys Supplier

HEORSHE is your trustworthy baby products manufacturer. Specializing in the production and supply of safe and reliable baby products, such as baby bottle, baby tableware, pacifier and baby toys. Welcome to become our partner.

Silicone Baby Toys Features

Safe Material

Silicone baby toys are made of food-grade silicone material and do not contain BPA, PVC, lead and other harmful substances, ensuring the safety of your baby.

Creative Design

Silicone baby toys have unique designs and bright colors that attract your baby's attention and stimulate their curiosity.


Our silicone baby toys can be used as chewing gums to relieve the discomfort of babies when teething, and as sensory exploration toys to help babies develop vision, touch and oral muscles. No matter what kind of use it is, it can meet the different needs of babies.

Easy to Clean

The characteristics of silicone material make silicone baby toys easy to clean and disinfect, so parents can safely let their babies use them without worrying about hygiene issues.

HEORSHE - Silicone Baby Toys Wholesale

HEORSHE has advanced production equipment and technology, as well as an experienced R&D team. We focus on product development and design, constantly introduce new technologies and materials, and are committed to providing the best quality toys and supplies for babies to ensure that the products meet the healthy development needs of babies.  Whether it is product design, material selection or production technology, we always adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that every product meets the highest safety and quality requirements. Contact us to provide you with a suitable bulk order solution.

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