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How to Choose the Best Nipple for Your Baby?

Oct. 13, 2020

The material of the nipple

At present, in terms of material, Baby Bottle Nipple mainly includes latex and silicone.

Latex nipples are made of natural rubber, which is elastic and soft. The taste of the baby is closer to that of the mother's nipple. The disadvantage is that the edge of the nipple is soft, it is easy to dislocate when tightened, it is easy to leak, and it has a unique smell of rubber, which some babies may not like.

The silicone nipple is made of synthetic rubber, which is harder than latex, but it is not easy to age, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, tasteless, and odorless. Although there is no leakage problem, some babies may experience rejection when sucking.

Baby Bottle Nipple

Baby Bottle Nipple

The shape of the nipple

There are two types of nipples: round and thumb.

The thumb shape, or flat round nipple, is designed according to the shape of the mother's nipple when the baby is sucking. The feeling of being close to the nipple is more acceptable to the baby.

The milk hole of the nipple

The feeding bottle nipple controls the flow rate of different liquids through the size of the milk outlet. The amount and rate of milk that babies drink will change as they grow. Babies of the same month age also have individual differences. Mothers need to observe the state of their babies and choose the appropriate aperture for their babies. If the hole is too small, the baby needs to suck hard, which will swallow a lot of air; if the hole is too big, the milk will flow out too quickly and may choke. The most suitable speed is that when you turn the bottle with the nipple down, the milk inside will flow out at a rate of about one drop per second (the dripping should stop after a few seconds). Babies have different sucking power and sucking methods. Different shapes of pacifiers have different milk flow rates, which are suitable for different babies. The milk holes are generally divided into the following types:

Small round hole

Suitable for thinner liquids, such as breast milk or water. The milk can flow out automatically, the baby sucks effortlessly and the flow is less. It is suitable for newborns who cannot control the milk volume.

Center hole

Suitable for preparing formula milk. Using this nipple to suck milk is very close to the amount of milk suckled by the mother's breast and the number of sucking exercises done. Suitable for babies who are 2~3 months old and use small round hole pacifiers to suck milk.

Big round hole

Suitable for thicker baby food, such as juice, vegetable juice, rice cereal, etc. It is suitable for babies who have been fed with the above two pacifiers for a long time and still not drink enough milk.


Suitable for babies over 2~3 months old who are used to drinking milk from a bottle. The baby can self-control the amount of milk. The milk flow of the Y-shaped hole pacifier is relatively stable, which can prevent the pacifier from sinking. Even if the baby sucks hard, the sucking hole will not crack.

Cross hole

Suitable for babies of all ages. The milk flow can be controlled according to the baby's sucking power. It is not easy to leak milk and has a large hole. It can also be used to drink juice, rice noodles or other coarse-grained beverages.

Precautions for the use of nipples

Do not leave the nipple in direct sunlight for a long time, it may cause deformation.

Return the nipple to its original state after each wash. Failure to clean it will often lead to premature aging of the nipple.

As the baby grows, the appropriate pacifier aperture should be replaced in time.

After long-term use, the pacifier will harden and deteriorate. The more disinfection times, the faster the aging rate. Therefore, it is recommended to change the silicone nipple once a month, and the latex nipple once every 20 to 30 days. Similarly, once damaged, it must be replaced immediately.


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