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How to use the bottle correctly

Jun. 23, 2020

How to use the bottle correctly


Confirm the size of the pacifier aperture: Before using the bottle, parents must pay attention to choose a pacifier suitable for the baby's month. The general pacifier models are divided into s, m, and l. Each model is suitable for babies of different months. Parents must choose A nipple suitable for the baby's age to prevent the baby from being choked. You need to check it before each use to see if the nipple is intact.


Cleaning and disinfection: If the baby bottle is not cleaned, it is easy to produce bacteria. Therefore, before using the baby bottle, parents must clean the baby bottle, wash it with running water, cook it in boiling water for 5 minutes, remove the drained water and reserve.


Temperature measurement: Before using the bottle for the baby, measure the temperature of the liquid in the bottle. The test method is to put a few drops of liquid on the back of the hand. It is suitable to be clean and warm and not hot. It must not be too hot to avoid scalding the baby.


Correct posture: When giving the baby a bottle, the baby cannot lie down too flat, and it is easy to choke on the flat. For younger babies, it is recommended to be held in the arms by the parents, preferably at 45 degrees.


Pay attention to observation: When the baby is using the bottle, parents should pay attention to observation. Some babies will suck the pacifier too hard. At this time, the parents should take out the pacifier and let the pacifier return to the original state to continue feeding.


Hiccups after breastfeeding: Do not let your baby lie down immediately after breastfeeding, because air will be inhaled during breastfeeding, it is recommended to hug your baby, pat the back, let the baby hiccup, and eliminate the air in the stomach.

How to use the baby bottle

When a baby uses a bottle, choose a pacifier that is suitable for the age of the baby, so as to prevent the pacifier from being inappropriate and increase the difficulty of sucking the baby. When the baby usually sits down, he can put the pacifier into the mouth of the baby and develop the habit of sucking the pacifier. Can make it difficult for the baby to resist the bottle.

When feeding your baby, it is best not to put the pacifier directly into the baby's mouth, you can make the baby interested in the bottle, and actively include it in the mouth. 

If the baby does not want to use the bottle, don't worry, be patient and lead slowly.

 The milk temperature must be appropriate when feeding the baby. If the baby is scalded, it will be difficult for him to accept the bottle in the future.

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