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Is It Necessary To Prepare Separate Toddler Utensils For Babies?

Sep. 07, 2021

     toddler utensils

toddler utensils

Many adults are not aware of the need to use separate utensils from their babies. This leads to illnesses in children who have a low immune system. Having a separate set of toddler utensils for your baby is not only for the baby's health, but also to help your baby develop good eating habits. Read on for more information.

For your baby's health

You will have heard of many cases where a mother fed her baby with chopsticks and the baby contracted H. pylori. H. pylori infection in babies can lead to chronic gastritis and peptic ulcers. It can also cause iron deficiency anemia, anorexia, and thrombocytopenia in children, and even stunted growth.

Make sure you have a separate set of toddler utensils for your child and disinfect adult dishes separately from your child's toddler utensils at all times. This is because many adults are infected with H. pylori. Avoid too close contact with your child (e.g. mouth-to-mouth kissing) as well, so that your child does not have enough resistance to be infected.


Baby Fork And Spoon Set

Baby Fork And Spoon Set

Helps to develop your baby's ability to eat independently

1. Exercise your baby's ability to use a spoon and fork. 

Prepare a separate set of suitable toddler utensils for your baby to exercise the muscle groups of the baby's hands on the one hand and to benefit brain development on the other. Don't scold your baby for spilling food at first.

2. Develop your baby's sense of dining.

You should prepare your baby's own toddler utensils and set up a regular place for your baby at the table. This should be at the right height for your baby to see the family eating and the food on the table. Your baby will imitate the family and develop good eating habits.

3. Develop good habits of not leaving food on the table.

Choose a set of toddler utensils that are suitable for the amount of food your baby will eat. The quantity of each meal is set according to the cutlery. Your baby will eat the right amount of food at each meal.

4. Develop the habit of eating regularly.

Many babies like to eat snacks and therefore eat fewer regular meals. In this case, you can prepare a set of toddler utensils for your baby to add a sense of ritual to meals and help him/her to develop a habit of eating regularly.

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