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Why do Babies Like Teethers?

Nov. 10, 2020

Babies like to put toys in their mouths. They chew, bite, and chew toys. Why do babies like teethers so much?

Teether that soothes baby's teething

Teething is the process of many parents waiting anxiously, but worrying about the development of their newborns. From the first few months of age to any time in the first year, babies usually grind their teeth. Many parents believe that babies grow teeth when they drool. Parents often search for the child's first tooth by rubbing their hands along the gums, and find and feel the newly-emerged tooth. Safe baby teethers are toys that babies can put in their mouths when new teeth develop.

It's true; when babies grow up, chewing on toys such as teether can really get a certain sense of comfort and relief. After applying light pressure, the tender gum may feel better.

Just like everyone is different, every baby is different. The type of toys that one baby likes may be completely different from another.

Some parents prefer to use teether that can be cooled in the refrigerator. If the child puts it in his mouth, it can provide a soothing coolness to the baby's gums. Be careful not to freeze the teether for too long. It may harm the delicate gums of babies and make them uncomfortable. When the baby bites down on the toy, some of the teethers will vibrate, which can also relieve the pain.

Safe baby teethers

 Safe Baby Teether

Reasons for babies to use the teether

Although there are many other reasons why babies like to chew teether toys in their mouths. This is not always alleviated when their teeth surface.

Babies will try to put things in their mouths when they are young, which is part of the child’s growth. All this biting and chewing behavior encourages the baby to move the tongue into the mouth. This makes the child aware of his mouth. These actions help to lay the foundation for learning pronunciation, as babies begin to speak when they learn to say their first words "mamama", "dadada" and "bababa".

Since babies like to chew on objects, especially when teething, don’t be surprised if parents bite on blankets, favorite plush toys, edges of baby books, keys, fingers, or even parents’ fingers. Since babies like to chew and grind their teeth, you can even find necklaces and bracelets, designed for parents to wear, and are a safe choice for babies to grind their teeth.

Teether buying tips

Teether is made of various types of materials. Some are made of rubber, silicone, plastic or wood. You can buy teethers in different shapes, colors and sizes. In order to attract children's interest, the texture of many toys is also different. Many teethers are round, so they are easy to grasp and hold before the baby puts them in the mouth.

When babies use Wristband Teether, always supervise them. When choosing a toothbrush, look for a toothbrush that your baby can hold and safely put in their mouth. Teethers that are too large or too small may cause safety hazards.

Do not use objects that are not intended to be teether as toys, especially toys, as their small parts may fall and cause a choking hazard.

The important thing to remember when choosing a teether is to verify that the baby is safe to put in the mouth. Choose phthalate and BPA-free teether only for your child. Find out if the teether is made of non-toxic paint.

Don't buy second-hand teether. Over the years, many toy safety standards have changed as companies have developed new toys designed to enter babies' mouths. They are made of safer materials and will not expose babies to harsh and toxic chemicals. Consider buying new non-toxic teethers with each baby.

Clean teether and toys

Make a good plan for cleaning and disinfecting teether to reduce the spread of bacteria, especially if there are other babies around who want to put toys in their mouths. Keep the cleaning wipes at hand to prevent toys from falling on the floor. Wash toys regularly with soap and water. Many toys can also be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.


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