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Over the years, we have been working on feeding products, selecting the most suitable products for babies and parents. With our innovative and stylish products we strive to make the life of baby and the proud parents as comfortable as possible.

It is important for us that both the concept of antibacterial and product information are conveyed in full to our consumers. We are grateful to the multiple ambassadors around the world, and they are together with us to fare forth the wonderful journey.

What it means to be an Ambassador?

HEORSHE seek ambassadors to share information about the science and safety behind what we do. We have created the Ambassador program to help educate the world on the antibacterial material products. HEORSHE ambassadors will have the opportunity to represent our brand, make an impact in their own community and gain insight on our latest product development.

How do we choose HEORSHE AMBASSADOR?


1.Person who exercises the power of judgment, conception or inference.

2. Person concerned about healthy antibacterial baby feeding in products that they use. Uses HEORSHE products for free and likes to tell the world about it!

100 AMBASSADORS NEEDED: Approved Brand Ambassadors will receive A baby feeding product package from birth to 6 years old for FREE.

Plus, be the first on the list to receive new products and professional guidance and support from us for each of your baby development/GROWING stages.)

Would you like to help us to enrich the journey of HEORSHE? Send a short presentation about yourself to business@heorshe.com, We will answer your email within 48 hours.

Tel: (417) 319 9701 E-mail: business@heorshe.com Add: 228 PARK AVE S #79525 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10003-1502, USA