Drinking water is a human instinct, something all babies know to do, but don’t know how to do. All babies are unique and will progress from bottle-feeding to their first sippy cup, independent drinking, and open cup drinking at their own pace.

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First &Only Teeth Protect Design

Little wings were added to the nipple, helping baby to uniformly distribute applied force while sucking, which can help protect new teeth and allow them to grow in naturally.


Grip Aad Feed Themselves

HE OR SHE provides baby sippy cup with a straw. The 360°weighted straw follows the liquid, allowing the baby to latch and feed in any comfortable position. The unique weighted straw allows for doctor recommended upright feeding, helping to reduce reflux. 3D-fixed position handle is easy to grip.


Dual-vent Anti-colic Valves

The baby sippy cup with straw could wean well and develop good habits. The bottle features advanced dual-vent anti-colic valves to help prevent ingesting air.