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Toddler Feeding Set

It would be a super addition to the high chairs when your little ones are having food on their own. Well thought design of suction base with less turning over mess. HEORSHE plates uniquely in a honeycomb shape with hexagon edge. These natural silicone are easy to clean and each set with various color combination catching babies eyes.   When you have a baby growing up to eat by themself, a set of attentive tableware is a great help, this should be your best choice.

Vacuum Large Suction Base

Vacuum Large Suction Base

Non-slip design at the bottom and reasonable divided space make feeding time more fun and less messy for baby.

Fits Most Highchair Trays 

Fits Most Highchair Trays 

Clever simulation honeycomb marshalling sequence ;

 maximize the use of the small table space

Suitable for babies three months and older

One Piece Injection, Easy Cleaning

One Piece Injection, Easy Cleaning

One piece injection food grade silicone, safe and soft.

Dishwasher safe, BPA and PVC free.

Product highlights

-Suction Plate/Suction Salad Bowl/Silicone Cup

-Soft Silicone & Non-slip

-Honeycomb  Series Dishes

-High Grade Silicone & Compact And Durable

-Safe & BPA free

-Level With Highchair Trays, Sift-Proof

-Curved Inner Wall Design Helps Baby To Scoop Up Food Easily

-Microwave Heat Resistant  200°C/392℉

 Frozen Cold Storage -8°C/17.6℉

-Reasonable Size For Abundant Daily Nutrition

-Easy Storage

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